Mr. Fortney is a senior business and technical executive offering a very impressive background in a broad variety of business environments. He has over thirty years of systems and management consulting experience, and has superior technical abilities in modern systems, networking, Internet technologies, and wireless communications. He has served as Project Manager for multi-million dollar systems design, development, and implementation efforts, and has spent many years working with senior management in major corporations assisting them in assessing and improving their business operations.


Applying his Business and Quantitative Methods education, he began his career with a major defense contractor and for over twenty years successfully served in a variety of business systems engineering and line management positions. He frequently provided direct support to Senior Management as an internal Business / Technical Consultant and Strategic Planner. In recent years, Mr. Fortney has worked in the public sector applying his business acumen to such diverse areas as automotive parts distribution, financial management, mortgage brokerage operations, and e-business Web site development.


Mr. Fortney has designed and successfully implemented both manual and automated management systems for over 40 years. He is a change advocate. His work has included all areas of Procurement, Materials and Inventory Management, Distribution, Retailing, Engineering Configuration Management, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Human Resources, and Finance. He has been a recognized specialist in Performance Measurement for over two decades. He became involved with Arpanet in the very early days and has served as a key strategic planner for Internet / Intranet design and implementation since 1990. In 1982 he designed and implemented one of the earliest large-scale Local Area Data Networks which allowed adoption of such early concepts as remote computing and central data repositories.


Mr. Fortney's broad background clearly includes experience in every phase of business spanning from basic financial systems to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise-Wide Resource Planning). His Project Management skills are strongly supported by an extensive background in designing performance measurement and earned value reporting systems. His technical skills include all elements of modern distributed computing and such related areas as data networking, video communications, RF-based data and voice communications, and Internet/Intranet planning and implementation.


He has served as:

  • Principal Consultant assisting clients in evaluating existing Information Technology capabilities. Managed design and implementation of business systems for small and medium sized companies to bring them into the current age of networked communications. Engineered satellite and cable television distribution systems. Conducted performance and CLI testing for FCC certification. Performed Technology Assessments for Public Financial Organizations. Provided Wireless Communications System recommendations and design.

  • Strategic Planner and Senior Project Manager for identification and implementation of new technology initiatives. Responsible for identifying technology-based products that are cost effective and provide opportunities for increased productivity. Prepared project proposals identifying anticipated ROI. Typically responsible for planning and executing the implementation of the approved project.

  • Senior Managing Consultant and System Architect for the development of a combined B2B and B2C eCommerce Web site. Client succeeded in obtaining $60M of pre-IPO funding based upon product provided.

  • Senior Consultant on Financial Services assessment team. Evaluated wholesale mortgage brokerage division of a national mortgage company and recommended replacement systems for their retail and wholesale operations.

  • Project Manager and Senior Consultant supporting configuration and implementation of BaanSeries ERP product in automotive aftermarket distribution environment. Led implementation team consisting of key customer management and functional leads supported by industry consultants. Coordinated project through the use of a personally developed Intranet environment covering team membership, project objectives and schedules, responsibility based action lists, and project documentation. Effectively employed Baan Exchange Tool to maximize the legacy data imported into the new system. Provided customer management with desired results on time and within budget.

  • Consultant for three operating divisions of a major aerospace company in their selection of an ERP product. Participated as a key core team member for one division in their implementation of the Baan A&D product. Mr. Fortney's broad systems background, coupled with his extensive experience in performance measurement and cost/schedule reporting, added greatly to the success of the project. He developed requirements definition and documentation tools which have been adopted on several implementation projects, and developed procedures which facilitated the mapping of existing data into the replacement system.

  • Industry Consultant working with the Baan A&D Solution Center in Bellevue, Washington, Mr. Fortney provided design review and system testing support prior to roll-out of Baan’s A&D software solution. In addition to general product development and test support he acted as the Financial Systems Architecture Team Leader providing expertise in multi-site logistics and financial consolidations.

  • Industry Consultant providing project expertise and leadership for a multi-location Baan version 4.0c ERP implementation for a major defense industry communications, command, and control manufacturer. The scope of the effort implemented a full ERP System, supporting the day-to-day functions of engineering, configuration management, production planning and execution, inventory management, purchasing, program management and a full host of financial functionality.

  • Internal Consultant successfully assisting Executive Management in reducing costs and increasing productivity by investigating, evaluating, recommending, and implementing new technology. Managed evaluation of vendors and developed recommended solutions that were implemented by multiple Divisions. Implemented Video Teleconferencing across a three-site Division significantly reducing travel costs and increasing Executive productivity. Developed the initial architecture for a Corporate Internet / Intranet now encompassing 23 divisions.

  • Internal Consultant to corporate management during downsizing period. Project Manager of major Data and Voice Networking Project following outside acquisition. Internal consultant to Executive Management for WAN and LAN Data Networking. Corporation representative on multi-company Aerospace Council defining best IT practices.

  • Manager of Systems Planning Department consisting of Senior Information Systems and Networking Specialists. Responsible for planning and managing implementation of common systems across nine Divisions of major corporation. Successfully implemented Common Human Resource Management, Asset Management, and Payroll Systems saving Corporation over $7M per year.

  • Senior Consultant responsible for Information Systems and Technology Strategic Planning. Led company into Office Automation, Local Networking, Client Server Computing. Introduced initial Arpanet / Intranet capability. Chairman of Executive Steering Committee. Featured speaker at major industry conferences.

  • Director of Administration for Manufacturing Division of a major defense contractor. He was specifically responsible for developing detailed planning and status reporting systems.

  • Manager Operations Systems responsible for $6.3M Information Systems Budget. Developed Material and Manufacturing Management systems. Specialist in Performance and Earned Value Measurement systems. Significantly reduced production costs through implementation of Requirement and Capacity Planning systems.

  • Industrial Engineer in an Engineering and Manufacturing Company documenting Division level Policies and Procedures. Developed Configuration Management System for major ship design. Served as Quality Engineer.


Mr. Fortney graduated from California State University - Northridge with a degree in Business Administration and a speciality in Quantitative Methods. He has continued his education by attending Graduate Courses at USC, UCLA, and other major business schools, as well as participating in numerous industry seminars. For many years Mr. Fortney has been a featured speaker at Computer and Communications Industry seminars. He is an active member of AFCEA and the ARRL, participates in the local PMI Chapter, and holds several senior leadership positions with volunteer and public service organizations.

Certifications: FCC Extra Class Amateur Radio License - K6IYK
Previous Security Clearances: DOD Secret, NATO, COMSEC

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